Osservatorio Retromania (3)

Something's happened to time – time itself has changed in some fundamental way. There's something about being on a computer… you can just flit around in time in a way you couldn't before, and it's really, really weird to look at a performance of the Rezillos on Top Of The Pops, doing the song 'Top Of The Pops' in 1978, that I can remember, but now I can refer to it and I can see that it looks a lot like my memory of it. And that's a really freaky state of affairs.
And I wonder what it does to people who don't remember The Rezillos, but might see that and think 'Wow, that's cool'. I think it's a really strange situation for creativity and musical culture to operate in and I think the last five, six, whatever years people have been sorting through that, and I think maybe everyone's a bit overwhelmed… a bit shell-shocked, especially my generation. But maybe your generation or people a bit younger than you are looking at how to deal with it, and maybe they are going to come up with something really amazing in these new conditions.

Bella e non scontata intervista a Simon Reynolds su The Quietus a proposito di Retromania, in cui il procedere della conversazione e della riflessione porta anche a scambiare per un attimo intervistatore e intervistato.