"This world's all wrong"

And so I’ve learned to go to where we’d want to be

Lost in the noise of corporate shelf

Com'è andata a finire con la compilation di Natale 2023 in beneficenza

A certain kind of sadness

“I never thought that you would start to feel the same”

"I was looking for you last night"

It took ten years to get her out of your head

I don’t really give a good first impression

Do you realize how much time has gone by?

"I am changing for the better" - intervista a Wallace Welsh

What’s the use of feeling feeling great, I don't know

"Haven't seen you in a year"

Poptones / Area Contaminata / Memoria polaroid - Happy Monday #2

I wouldn't want to be caught unprepared

No matter how

Happy Never Boring New Year!

La Classifica dei Dischi dell'Anno 2023!