All I ever wanted was for it to be worth something

Singing Orange Juice in the shower for you

The national anthem of a country that didn’t survive

"I like noise"

A dark time in history, but never a gloomy day

Musicians for a Free Palestine

When the future seems futiles

"Noi che a Milano ci andiamo per la moda e la radio" (aprile 2024)

Indiepop Jukebox (aprile 2024)

What happened to you, son?

There’s something about the taste of the love we make

Every stupid love song that's ever touched your heart

You think you're civilised, then?

Someone said to just keep moving on

I wish I could find something to make me feel a little better

“My means of production don’t produce”

"Only a small part of my head" - intervista a Waving Blue