"A compelling sense of mystique"

Mike Sniper

«I think back to 2009's Captured Tracks Festival, held in a gritty empty lot in Bushwick, only a few months after the label seemed to spontaneously erupt from the energy of the DIY community in Brooklyn at the time. It was the fourth of July, my 20th birthday, and a band called the Dum Dum Girls played their first show, backed by Mike Sniper on bass and Frankie Rose on drums. Woods played songs from my favorite record at the time, Songs of Shame. Later, as the JMZ train rolled by overhead and the sun set, the Vivian Girls played backed by fireworks. Those were the days when Sniper still ran Captured Tracks out of the basement of Academy Records on North 6th in Williamsburg, hand-assembling tapes. The drummer of Crystal Stilts helped with silk-screening.»
[da "Label Made: The story of Captured Tracks" by Liz Pelly]