"polaroid alla radio" Christmas special!

Giusto in tempo per il cenone della Vigilia, l'ultimo podcast dell'anno, il Christmas Special di "polaroid alla radio" tutto pieno di canzoni di Natale!

Flying Vaginas – Santa Bring Me A Dinosaur (Bob Brown cover)

Baseball Gregg – Rebel Without A Claus

Dent May – I’ll Be Stoned For Christmas

Karibean – Down Before Christmas

Young Wrists – Merry Christmas (Ramones cover)

Julian Nation – Xeroxed Diary Entries Fanzine, Or St Lucy’s Day In Montreal

Monnone Alone – Everywhere At Once

Burnt Palms – You

The Calorifer Is Very Hot – Christmas Strike

Neverending Mojitos – Be Young, Be Foolish, Be Happy (Tams cover)

Parker Lewis – Merry Christmas

Le Man Avec Les Lunettes – I’ll Be Home For Christmas (Bing Crosby cover)

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(e ancora una volta, grazie a Mistobosco per l'immagine!)