Hater + Curiositi live @ Grand Öl&Mat, Malmö 2017-03-10

Curiositi live at Grand Öl&Mat, Malmö 2017-03-10
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Hater live at Grand Öl&Mat, Malmö 2017-03-10
(via Instagram)

Ok, non vogliamo essere precipitosi: non parliamo già di disco dell'anno a marzo, ma You Tried, il debutto degli Hater pubblicato da PNKSLM, quanto meno è già candidato a diventare uno dei dischi più suonati della primavera qui a polaroid. Con loro è stato amore a prima vista, e li abbiamo seguiti passo dopo passo fino a questo LP che mantiene tutte le promesse e su cui tornerò presto.

Ma intanto, venerdì sera a Malmö c'è stato il release party, e in apertura di concerto suonavano i nostri Curiositi (il progetto synth-pop di Emil "Parker Lewis" e Matilda dei Mixtapes & Cellmates: ne avevamo parlato qui).

Mi piangeva il cuore non poter essere là per tutti e due, e quindi il minimo che Emil poteva fare era scrivermi un piccolo report della serata. Grazie vez, ti devo una bottiglia di lambrusco!

About last night. It was a big catharsis and a resurrection for me personally. I've felt a little homeless since I decided to call it quits with Parker Lewis. I haven't been sure that I'd ever get the chance to play music in front of an audience again. Who knows you know? And for us, for me and Matilda, these last couple of weeks have been all about preparing for the show. It's been on our minds all the time. It's crazy you know but it becomes such a big deal and so important when you love it this much.

Hater asked us to support them on their release party. They're such nice people. Gifted and humble. And their album is amazing I think. I want to fast forward time a couple of years to hear them on their third album. I think they're at like 65% of what they're capable of doing. You can see the light of inspiration shine right through them. Truly special.

The place was packed since 10. We got on stage at 10:44. We left the stage 11:06. It's a bit hazy but I was really really nervous and I was scared of the microphone. Matilda looked happy. I almost cried watching Erik and Adam play their hearts out for Curiositi. I had so much love for all the friendly faces that we've got to know in Malmö since we moved here. I think we did good! And I feel like myself again.

Hater went on stage at 11:32. It's just so hard to describe the kind of honesty and like true spirit of how they felt. Caroline's voice is just perfect. It's next level shit. And the songs they write... We listened to the album right before we walked over to the club and from time to time we just laughed cuz it's like.. There's hundreds of bands that try to do what they do and they manage to sound completely unique both in their songwriting and in how they sound as a band.

My favorite moment of their show was the first seconds of Mental Haven. It was like a tiny shockwave of joy through the audience. Like everyone started glowing a little. And seeing the band reacting back, taken by the moment. Truly one with the audience.

Me and Matilda met at a magic festival outside of Modena in 2007, where it felt like everyone had a little bit of fairy dust on their shoulders. It's painfully cheesy to say but I'm just really happy that I get to do shit like this still/again and that bands like Hater and cities like Malmö make magic like this happen.

Greetings from Möllan =)

Hater - Mental Haven

Curiositi - Finding Out