"A long shadow across the youths"

2017 Manchester Arena bombing

• "2017 Manchester Arena bombing" (Wiki)

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• "Because the arena let in under-18s, it was the destination for us to see live music – going to clubs or bars didn’t come until much later. This was the place that we fell in love with pop culture, an infatuation that has never, and will never, die. The horrific attack on the Ariana Grande show at the MEN Arena, reportedly killing over 20 and injuring many more, specifically targets children, teenagers and their parents. It targets euphoria, joy and happiness, it targets every emotion you feel when, caught in the beautiful, unique mixture of delirium and freedom – that specific concoction that only youth and pop can offer – you give yourself away to harmless obsessions" (Thomas Gorton su DAZED)

• "Manchester Arena : the darkest day in pop history" (John Robb: "Love is louder than war.")

Simon Hayes Budgen su XRRF: "In the dark, you learn who you are. You learn how you are."

• "You've got the wrong city if you think hate will tear us apart." (Dave Haslam su Twitter)

• "... beyond those immediately affected, this atrocity will cast a long shadow across the youths of countless pop fans. Will something like this happen again? Perhaps not. Statistically, the possibility of an attack at one particular show is minuscule. Over time, the fear will subside, because it always does. My daughter is absolutely still going to see Adele, and she’ll have a whale of a time. But the knowledge that it could happen at all means a loss of innocence." (Dorian Linskey)

• "The best night of your life, girl version: a ticket in an envelope you've marked with glitter glue, putting on too much of the eyeshadow you bought at the drugstore that day, wearing a skirt that's shorter than your school uniform, telling your mom it's okay and you'll meet her right after the show, running toward the front hand in hand with your best friend like you don't even have a mom right now, flirting with the kid who sells you a soda, dancing experimentally, looking at the woman onstage and thinking maybe one day you'll be sexy and confident like her, realizing that right this moment you are sexy and confident like her, matching your voice to the sound, loving the sound, falling into the sound. This is truth. Young girls loving music, whatever kind of music, are truth. I believe in them and nothing can annihilate their truth." (Ann Powers su Facebook)


• Laura Snapes su Vogue: "Manchester Terror Attack: Pop Teaches Girls To Be Fearless In A Hostile World"

• Christina Cauterucci su Slate: "The Bombing at a Manchester Ariana Grande Show Was an Attack on Girls and Women".

• Alex Petridis sul Guardian: "Manchester’s heartbreak: ‘I never grasped what big pop gigs were for until I saw one through my daughter’s eyes’"