"Noi che a Milano ci andiamo per la moda e la radio" (giugno 2021)

Musica per AperiTweevi @ Radio Raheem - giugno 2021

Musica Per AperiTweevi VS Radio Raheem (2021/06/18)


Alien Boy - The Way I Feel
Idle Ray - Strange Ceilings
Wet Leg - Chaise Longue
MNNQNS - All I Need Is You Tonight
Ducks Ltd. - Oblivion
Nude Model - No Frequency
Linn Koch-Emmery - No Place For You
Leatherette - Thru Concrete
Gawjuss - Sunbeam
Hoorsees - Give It Up
You, Nothing - Identity
Halley DNA - Futurismo e fastidio 
Drinking Boys and Girls Choir - Wish
Pogy et les Kéfars - Fait Comme Un Rat
Pink Chameleons - Hot Dog
TV SETS - Dull Roar
Not Even Close - Dödsgest
Deine Mutti - AZ
Comet Gain - Only Time Will Tell