Holding upside down photographs up to the light

Memoria polaroid – un blog alla radio S22E33 podcast @ NEU Radio - Current Affairs

"Memoria polaroid" – un blog alla radio S22E33 @
NEU Radio

Current Affairs – No Fuss
Unschooling – Brand New Storm
Beach Fossils – Seconds
Noah Roth – Upside Down Photographs
Royel Otis – I Wanna Dance With You
Rex Tycoon – Never Again
Comet Gain – When!
Stay Lunar – Distance
Bedroom Eyes – Mitt liv som j​ä​mthund
Meyverlin – Wasted Years
Fairfields – 4pm
Glazyhaze – Tears
The Belair Lip Bombs – Say My Name
Walter Mitty and His Makeshift Orchestra – When The Band Breaks Up Again
Aderyn – I Wish I Had A Dog
Sweeping Promises – You Shatter
King Krule – Flimsier